Pass The Grass – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pass The Grass?

Pass The Grass is an interactive weed smoking adventure board game that will have you and your friends laughing all the way to the dispensary for some more grass. Think Monopoly but with better weed.


Rolling papers, a bowl or a bong – whatever your toke of preference may be, sweet tunes, good vibes, munchies and, of course, lots of grass.

Who can play Pass The Grass?

Pass The Grass is a game for adults, 21 and over. Sorry, noobs.

Can we modify the rules to fit our preferences?

We encourage you to find ways to play that best suit you and your friends. If you’ve added a rule or made any modification, let us know! Share your experience with us and if your ideas are highdeas, we might add them to future versions of the game!

How do you determine the loser of the game?

Don’t be a loser. There are no losers in Pass The Grass. If you are a loser, please leave.

What kind of dog is that?

That’s a pile of clothes.

Weed is awesome.

That’s not a question but we agree.